Pick up your ball and put it in the tee without bending down

Tee Scoop's history

1Creation path of the Tee Scoop®:

The regular practice of golf for many years, my relationships and discussions with professionals (professors, ranked players…) and other players (beginners or advanced) have led to me to notice how many times a golfer has to bend to pick up the ball, put it on the tee on the practice or on a golf course… and therefore suffer from the glitter effect.

In the light of this issue, with my professional experience – Researcher in Operational Solutions - and based on the current evolution of the golf market, the idea of creating an accessory to pick-up golf balls to prevent this issue which also respects the requirements of this sport (weight, game quality…) was born.

This seed sprouted to give birth to the Tee Scoop®

2Tee Scoop® - Presentation and Technical Brief:

This seed that was planted in September 2009 gave birth in September 2012 to the Tee Scoop®. All these months I spent working on that project enabled me to elaborate, test and improve each prototype to fit all the technical, commercial, financial and ecological requirements and come up with the final digitized prototype, ready for production. Its name, Tee Scoop® is the result of several brainstorming during good diners with friends.

The several design stages:

No. 1 – Sept 2009
Tee Scoop picture
No. 2 – Nov. 2009
Tee Scoop picture
No. 3 – Feb. 2010
Tee Scoop picture
No. 4 – Feb. 2011
Tee Scoop picture
No. 5 – Mar. 2011
Tee Scoop picture
No. 6 – May 2011
Tee Scoop picture
No. 7 – September 2012
Tee Scoop picture

The Tee Scoop® is the result of a close collaboration between: The company Ph-B located in Antibes (06600), 7 years of experience in Engineering in Technical Studies and Solutions, and The company CERM location in Saint Raphaël (8370) specialized in the design, study and creation of the mold and plastic injection.

Their joint and complementary skills allowed them to conduct all the studies, the mechanical, wear and reliability tests, to improve the prototypes by thinking of concrete and adapted technical solutions for the choice of biosourceable and/or biodegradable materials, for the definitive form and for the process and production costs for an optimized and maximum quality (see article of the newspaper Nice & Var Matin in « media »)

The name Tee Scoop® has been patented as well as the model with the INPI (National Institute for the Intellectual Property), for the copyright.

The Tee Scoop® enables you, without bending down:

  • pick up the ball by picking or by clipping,
  • To place the ball on the tee, extract if from inaccessible places (thickets, bushes…)
  • To avoid the glitter effect
All those functions are possible with one quality product, the Tee Scoop®, a unique and must-have accessory.
  • Adapts to all clubs, putting mats, fields…
  • Is meant to all golf players: professionals, golf teachers, beginners, advanced players, either fit and able or handicapped, from 7 to 99 years-old…
  • Can be used on the practice or on the golf course
Its 100% French, 100% recyclable conception in bi-material meets :
  • The REACH standards (European standards aiming at reducing the use of chemical substances considered hazardous)
  • The specific criteria for a quality product,
  • The requirements of golf practice. Thanks to its ultra-light weight (32 gr); its position on the grip end, the Tee Scoop® does not have a negative impact on the gaming quality or on the player’s performances.