Pick up your ball and put it in the tee without bending down

Tee Scoop

Tee Scoop customisable golf accessory


  • Easy and quick
    to put on your club

  • Made in France

  • Suitable for
    all clubs

  • I customise:
    Choose your
    logo and/or initials

  • 100% Recyclable

  • As a gift, for yourself
    or your club…
    Combine usefulness with pleasure

  • Yellow Tee Scoop golf accessory
  • White Tee Scoop golf accessory
  • Pink Tee Scoop golf accessory
  • Orange Tee Scoop golf accessory
  • Green Tee Scoop golf accessory


Tee Scoop is designed to:

  • pick up the ball by picking or by clipping,
  • put it on the tee,
  • remove it, out of all places inaccessible (stuffed …) without bending

It contributes consequently to increase your performance by avoiding the glitter effect. Indeed, playing golf requires an ability increased concentration. It is scientifically proven that lowering the head below shoulder level causes a rush of blood to the brain which causes a loss of concentration and requires a payback period to recover the concentration required to make a good swing. Its functions and qualities combined in one product make a unique product : Tee Scoop.

visuel ramasse balle tee scoop, accessoire pour matériel de golf

  • It adapts to all clubs, putting mats, fields…
  • It is meant to all golf players: professionals, golf teachers, beginners, advanced players
  • For either fit and able or handicapped, from 7 to 99 years-old…